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Francois Hampsink is the founder of Massive Dynamic Solutions. Thanks to his experiences and training at home and abroad, he has a large circle of safety professionals around him and together with you he can come to a tailor-made solution for all your questions. Francois has been part of various specialist units within the Marine Corps in the Netherlands. He has also gained extensive experience in training courses for the Dutch police, specialized security companies and private individuals. Moreover, he is a security specialist in, among other things, the disciplines; Close Protection, Event Security, Crowd Management and Predictive Profiling. Francois is a people person. He can listen well, so he can filter what your wish is. As a result, he is able to offer the specific solution for your personal wish. By bringing the right experts from his network together we can be of international service. Francois is happy to guide you if you want to know more about security and the right methodology that fits your personal situation and / or your company.


Francois Hampsink

Below you will find an overview of the work performance of Francois Hampsink.

Department of Defense
Dutch Royal Marechaussee

Dutch Marine Corps
MP (Marine Patrol)
V&I (Exploration and Information Platoon)
AGGP (Amphibious Combat Group)
IED Bomb Explorer
BBE (Anti-Terror Unit)

Department of Justice
Police Academy / PIOG Guest trainer Special Forces

Security specialist
Close Protection Officer (CPO)
Spotter / Predictive Profiler
Event Security Officer (ESO)
Crowd Management
Project Manager
Safety coordinator
Private Investigator
Trouble Shooter

Aggression control
Communication and Teambuilding
Awareness Watching
SRDG registered on www.gevaarsbeheersing.nl

RTGB trainer
Training Supervision & Enforcement in the use of force equipment with the help of handcuffs, baton and pepper spray.

Crisis communication
Stabilize or resolve threatening situations through communication.

Hampsink Security director / owner
Security company specializing in event security and personal security.

Intelligent Security
Run a security company in Austria for a number of years, specializing in events.

Crime Fighter John van den Heuvel
Research, observations and personal security of John van den Heuvel and his TV programs on RTL4.

Problem solver and travel guide
Adventure Travel in Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden & Norway.