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Risk analysis
Risk analysis is part of risk management. The purpose of performing the Risk Analysis is to provide insight into which threats are relevant to the business processes and the associated risks. ... The Risk Analysis is a tool for making well-founded decisions in this regard. This is often the first step we take in safety advice.

Preventive Observations
Observing or shading a person or a particular location with the help of photo and video equipment is an excellent way to record someone's activities and to detect possible business fraud. Through training, experience and resources used, it is possible for us to map someone's behavior unseen for you and to report it clearly to you.

Family Protection Dog
Not only your personal Bodyguard who never departs from you, but also your most reliable friend who is always vigilant. We train you and your dog so that it becomes part of the family. In addition, we continue to guide you to continue to optimize the collaboration with your Family Protection Dog.
MDS is looking for the best reliable friend that suits you.

Events (football, music festivals, fairs and congresses)
For every event that you want to organize, we can act as your sparring partner and advise and guide you through the entire process of permit application, risk analysis, safety plans and training for your staff. So from A to Z we take your worries off your hands so that you can focus on your core business, keeping the overall overview, managing the management, maintaining business contacts and especially enjoying your own event.

Safety and Security Plans
A Safety Plan is a document with which the organizer provides information about the safety of his event and his (intended) measures. ... First of all, the preparation of a Safety Plan forces the organizer to think about the safety of his event and the measures to be taken. This plan is used for a permit application. A Security Plan is a plan in which all security measures around your event have been worked out. This Security Plan is part of the Security Plan.
MDS is your reliable partner to guide you through this entire process of paperwork.

High Risk Security
These are tough training sessions in which you and your staff learn skills for high-risk police / military operations, operate in a SWAT team, control riots, security awareness and Anti-Terror training. Depending on your needs, we can provide tailor-made training together with you, but we can also train your staff to become fully-fledged instructors at any desired risk area and level.

Close Protection
Personal security is a service that is offered to keep people safe and to relieve them when they, for example; be threatened, highly wealthy or have a certain social status. It is important for you that we ensure that the best Personal Security Officer is linked to you in which you have the most confidence. Here too we ensure that everything is tailored to your wishes.

Security Driving
Security Driving is for Close Protection Officers and professional drivers who want to improve their driving skills. MDS advises you in situations where you need a driver with these qualities.

Travel Safety & Security
Travel Safety & Security ensures your safety during your travels. , we provide a training for this that can ensure that you travel more confidently with the knowledge and skills to minimize risks. We can also send companions with you to support and protect you during your travels.

Capacity calculation
Calculating the maximum capacity is important for safety, evacuation and the profitability of your event. The maximum safe capacity plays a major role in the issue of location and event permits. The capacity is essential for the feasibility of evacuation plans and the positive experience of visitors.

Mobility analysis
Mobility is an essential part of the Crowd Management planning. Good planning of traffic flows and measures, in combination with effective communication and proper implementation, is essential for the quality of mobility. Traffic inhibition due to outages, inadequate infrastructure or planning and poor communication regarding transport options may result in problems or incidents.

Evacuation plans
Evacuation or evacuation is the removal or movement of usually groups of people from a dangerous or controversial location to a safer location due to a threat or the occurrence of a hazardous event or other urgent circumstance. Evacuation can be voluntary or forced. If an evacuation takes place, this is done according to an Evacuation plan which is drawn up after a thorough risk analysis and the possible consequences of the risks.

Crowd management and Crowdcontrol
Crowd management is systematic analysis and targeted measures to reduce the risks that arise when groups of people gather somewhere. Crowd Management also includes managing or controlling the crowd and identifying undesirable situations or behavior and actively intervening before the matter escalates (Crowd Control or even Riot Control).

Predictive profiling / Spotting
Predictive Profiling is a method for assessing threats, developed to be able to predict and classify the potential of criminal and / or terrorist methods. This is based on recognizing deviant behavior and extracting information from it. This of course also depends on the situation on site, what is normal at that location? With all this information you are able to judge whether or not you should act for security reasons.


Kidnapping, kidnapping or kidnap is the unlawful movement of a person against someone's will. The term is generally used when the abductor removes someone from his familiar environment and takes him to an unknown place.
Our specialists have a great deal of experience in retrieving or finding abducted persons worldwide.

Do you suspect your partner of adultery or cheating? Certainty is so nice!
In a relationship there is nothing so bad as (suspicion of) cheating. Are you afraid that your partner is cheating? Do you constantly live in uncertainty? Our detectives offer you certainty through evidence. Even if it turns out that your suspicion was wrong, it provides a certainty.

Business Fraud & Integrity
If you suspect non-integrity within your organization, you want to have this investigated and prevent further (image) damage. It is very important that you send a signal that you do not accept non-integrity. You need an independent, objective and above all discreet investigation to uncover the facts and to take the right measures. Our working method provides a solid basis for taking internal and / or external measures, with attention to the continuity, image and integrity of your organization.

Tracing people, goods and money
Thanks to our international network of specialists, we are able to track things and people at home and abroad.

Red teaming
Red Teaming is the practice of analyzing weak spots and vulnerabilities in (high-risk) organizations from the perspective of the opponent. Red Teaming provides insight into the working method of the opponent and into the security level of your organization. You can use this insight on a strategic, tactical and operational level to sharpen policy decisions and increase safety within the organization. Take on the role of the opponent, demonstrate vulnerabilities and improve your security!

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