Please note: We do not provide individual training, only group training of at least 10 people!

Business training

Safety awareness
Becoming aware of risk situations, recognizing these situations and being able to anticipate or respond to them.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
Your staff is prepared and advised for work in high-risk areas to create awareness about all risks to prevent life-threatening situations.

Travel Safety & Security
A Travel Safety & Security training can ensure that you travel more confidently with the knowledge and skills to minimize risks. This training is tailor-made because this training depends on the country you are going to and the duration of the trip.

Tailor-made training
We are specialized to deliver customized work. Together with you, we determine the content of the training in advance, based on the objectives of your company and the results you want to achieve with the training. All our training courses are interactive and fully focused on practice. After the training we can coach the participants on the job. This way we work together on the end result and you are assured of success.

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