Please note: We do not provide individual training, only group training of at least 10 people!

Dog training

Basic training where the dog learns to listen to the handler, but they also learn together how to interact.

Police / Security dog. This can be used to keep people under control. This happens, among other things, with law enforcement and arrest assistance, football matches and events. We train not only the dog but also the handler. If there is a need to give a train the trainer course, we can also organize it.

Tracking dogs
Each tracking dog has its own discipline such as searching for drugs, explosives, weapons or money. You state what your wishes are and we provide the training.

Family Protection Dog
Not only your personal bodyguard who never departs from you, but also your most reliable friend who is always vigilant. We train you and your dog so that it becomes part of the family. In addition, we continue to guide you to continue to optimize the collaboration with your Family Protection Dog.

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