Please note: We do not provide individual training, only group training of at least 10 people!

Firearm training

Basic and advanced training in the field of firearms (firearms, guns and shotgun). Working safely with firearms and knowledge in the field of firearms, ammunition, maintenance and storage. The training courses mainly consist of 90% practical training. We can also train students to become a firearm teacher so that they can train people themselves.

Examples of a number of firearm training sessions;

Tactical Pistol, Tactical Carabine & Tactical Shotgun
Train with a gun, gun or shotgun in tactical conditions.

CQB Handgun & Breaching
Intensive training mainly consists of practical training to prepare the student for the most challenging tactical shooting situations.

Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM)
Training with a sniper rifle in tactical conditions.

Close Quarter Battle (CQB)
Multiple discipline training possible for people who perform security work in high risk areas. Think of Methods of Entry / Breaching, Vehicle CQB training and Urban Warfare / Counter Terror.

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