We also offer complete investigations at home and abroad. This allows you to ensure that you remain in control or get back.

Kidnapping, kidnapping or kidnap is the unlawful movement of a person against someone's will. The term is generally used when the abductor removes someone from his familiar environment and takes him to an unknown place. Our specialists have a lot of experience in retrieving or finding abducted people worldwide.

Tracing people, goods and money
Thanks to our international network of specialists, we are able to track things and people at home and abroad.

Observing or shading a person or a particular location with the help of photo and video equipment is an excellent way to record someone's activities and to detect possible business fraud. Through training, experience and resources used, it is possible for us to map someone's behavior unseen for you and to report it clearly to you.

Adultery investigation
Do you suspect your partner of adultery or cheating? Certainty is so nice! In a relationship there is nothing so bad as (suspicion of) cheating. Are you afraid that your partner is cheating? Do you constantly live in uncertainty? Our detectives offer you certainty through evidence. Even if it turns out that your suspicion was wrong, it provides a certainty.

Business Fraud & Integrity
If you suspect non-integrity within your organization, you want to have this investigated and prevent further (image) damage. It is very important that you send a signal that you do not accept non-integrity. You need an independent, objective and above all discreet investigation to uncover the facts and to take the right measures. Our working method provides a solid basis for taking internal and / or external measures, with attention to the continuity, image and integrity of your organization.

Red teaming
Red Teaming is the practice of analyzing weak spots and vulnerabilities in (high-risk) organizations from the perspective of the opponent. Red Teaming provides insight into the working method of the opponent and into the security level of your organization. You can use this insight on a strategic, tactical and operational level to sharpen policy decisions and increase safety within the organization. Take on the role of the opponent, demonstrate vulnerabilities and improve your security!

Technical surveillance countermeasures (investigation service)
It is becoming increasingly common for competitors, business or personal, to use eavesdropping techniques to obtain incriminating information. These devices are nowadays easier to obtain and are being used more and more. We work with highly professional detection equipment, with which every listening system can be traced. For example, we do research on interception equipment.

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