Please note: We do not provide individual training, only group training of at least 10 people!

High risk training courses for the police and the armed forces

These are tough training sessions in which you and your staff learn skills for high-risk police / military operations, operate in a SWAT team, control riots, security awareness and Anti-Terror training.

SWAT Operator
Skills and knowledge for high-risk police operations.

Counter Terror (CT) Operator
Basic and Advanced Anti Terror Training

Commander Course
Crisis management in risky environments for senior officers

Team leader
Leadership and tactical decision-making process for future team leaders.

Riot Control
Deployment capacity to control and spread crowds during a riot.

Detect and Judgment
Techniques to control suspects and non-cooperating suspects.

Air Marshall
Ensure safety at airports and planes. Observing, observing and neutralizing a threatening situation with appropriate means.

Methods of Entry
Methods of entry is a tactical training designed for military, police or emergency services to learn how to force doors. During the course, students develop a wide range of methods that are available, such as; Mechanical, ballistic and explosive. You will be explained how they can select methods of entry, depending on the tactical situation.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
Your staff is prepared and advised for work in high-risk areas to create awareness about all risks to prevent life-threatening situations.

Tubular Assault
Prepare Counter Terror (CT) teams to work in the mobile environment of a bus, plane or train.

Security Driving (B6 and B7)
Our Security Driving training has been developed for Close Protection Officers, professional drivers who want to improve their driving skills.
Anti ambush techniques mean the difference between life and death in a hostile environment.

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