Please note: We do not provide individual training, only group training of at least 10 people!

Security training

Safety awareness
Becoming aware of risk situations, recognizing these situations and being able to anticipate or respond to them.

Predictive Profiler / Spotter
Learn to recognize deviant behavior and ask the right questions using Security Questioning to estimate whether the person or situation is suspicious and how to deal with this.

Private Detective Observation (Obso 1 and Obso 2)
During these courses you learn to observe unobtrusively in various situations and circumstances in order to obtain information.

Director driver

Learn to drive smoothly, safely and comfortably under time pressure, in busy traffic via the right road.
Taking into account risky situations and dealing discreetly with the customer.

This is the follow-up training of CCV-D1. Here you learn to drive even better and take into account risky situations. This course is highly regarded worldwide as one of the better specialist driving courses.

Travel Safety & Security
A Travel Safety & Security training can ensure that you travel more confidently with the knowledge and skills to minimize risks. This training is tailor-made because this training depends on the country you are going to and the duration of the trip.

Close Protection Officer (CPO)
Personal security is a service that is offered to keep people safe and to relieve them when they, for example; be threatened, highly wealthy or have a certain social status. During this training you learn various skills that enable you to work internationally as a CPO.

Covert Close Protection
Preventive Observations are carried out unobtrusively in order to keep an eye on the client, the family and the environment in order to identify risky situations and to take measures there.

Event Security Officer (ESO)
Know how a multitude of people move and see what the risks are. Keeping an overview in different situations, being verbally strong, acting hospitably and decisively. Through your efforts in access control, in the intervention team, backstage, during the monitoring of security regulations, you make the flow of audiences optimally manageable. You ensure an optimal sense of security for visitors and employees and provide the visitor with an unforgettable experience.

Crowd Management
Crowd management is systematic analysis and targeted measures to reduce the risks that arise when groups of people gather somewhere. Crowd management also includes managing or controlling the crowd and signaling undesirable situations or behavior and actively intervening before the case escalates (crowd control or even riot control).

Soccer steward
Is the first contact with the supporters. Controls access and further monitors safety during the competition. Helps people with questions but also solves problems. Works closely with Security and the Police.

Media Training
A media training is a course aimed at improving someone's performance in the press and the media. Hereby both the content and the form of the communication are worked on.

Self defense
Self-defense is an act whereby individuals can protect their body or honor against threats. There are various forms of self-defense, including physical and verbal self-defense.

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