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These are some disciplines where we can be of service:

Close Protection Officer (CPO)
Personal security is a service that is offered to keep people safe and to relieve them when they, for example; be threatened, highly wealthy or have a certain social status.

Travel Safety & Security
Anything can happen during travel. It is then pleasant to be well prepared and to recognize risks by means of knowledge and skills and to limit or prevent them.

Covert Close Protection
In the dynamic world of protection, Preventive Observations (hidden and secret security) are an essential element. Preventive Observation can replace or supplement a security team. These preventive observations use hidden observers, so that you as a customer enjoy complete freedom of movement. In the meantime, the observation team acts in the background as an invisible shield for all possible threats.

Family Protection Dog
Not only your personal bodyguard who never departs from you, but also your most reliable friend who is always vigilant.

Protection of football matches, music festivals or fairs and congresses. Large groups of people gather at events. And their safety must be guaranteed. Certainly at a time when, in addition to the risk of incidents, we must also anticipate potential terrorist threats. Crowd Management and Crowd Control are also an important part of event security. The event security officers are trained to identify threats and deviant behavior and how to respond adequately. They never lose sight of their role of host.

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