Please note: We do not provide individual training, only group training of at least 10 people!

Training offer

The training offer of MDS is wide. Below you will find an overview of our offer. Click on a subject for more information.

You can learn to recognize dangers, observe, steer events in the right direction, Crowd Management, Crowd Control and defend yourself.

High risk
These are tough training sessions where you and your staff learn skills for high-risk police operations, operate in a SWAT team, get riots under control, security awareness and Anti-Terror training.

Here the Basic Life-Saving techniques emerge such as AED, first aid in threatening circumstances, first point of contact in life-threatening situations and more.

Hereby you and your employees learn to use different weapons, including pistols and guns. We also teach you combat training in tactical circumstances.

During this course dogs are also trained as part of the police unit, guard dogs, search dogs and family protection dogs, especially for your personal protection.

For Business
Awareness trainings, these are trainings for you and your entire company. You will learn how to deal with threatening situations, recognize deviant behavior and what to do in such situations, travel safety training that may also be important for your children. We can put together tailor-made training courses especially for you, entirely according to your wishes.

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